Looking to improve your collaborative skills? We can help.

Our teachers are chosen for their enthusiasm, dedication, commitment, and desire to work with educators of all ages.

Our programmes focus on communication: broadening educators’ knowledge, skills, and confidence in IT.


The Erasmus+ application process is simple. We are here to assist you in every step. Apply with us first so that we can guide you through.

The week-long course presents and facilitates the practical use of computers and ICT tools in the classroom, especially in project-based and collaborative teaching and learning and in eTwinning projects. It has been designed by experienced teacher trainers in this field and is aimed at teachers at all education levels who are interested in using ICT in their teaching to make their lessons more motivating and fun for their students (and themselves). 

The Course includes:
-Project-Based Teaching and Learning
-ICT in Education - a new role for the teacher?
-European Collaborative Projects - eTwinning
-Hands on workshops 
-Web 2.0 Technologies in the classroom and beyond (Blogs & Wikis)
-Digital Audio and Video in Education (Podcasting, Digital Video Editing)
-Digital Story-Telling (Photostory and Digital Comics)
-Interactive Presentations (Create your own quizzes - PowerPoint & Prezi)
-And more....

The course also includes a varied cultural programme with guided tours that will immerse you in some of Malta's 5000 years of heritage.   

All the costs connected to participation in this course (course fee, travel, accommodation & subsistence) can be funded though Erasmus+ Key Action 1 - Mobility of Individuals which is administered by your country's Erasmus+ Agency.

We would be more than happy to assist your school with preparing your Erasmus+ grant application. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DEADLINE FOR GRANT APPLICATION IS THE 4th MARCH 2023. 

The application process is easy, the first step is to reserve a place on one of the course sessions, this is done by clicking on APPLY!